Justice League Movie (2017) Interesting Facts, Mistakes

Justice League Movie Story Summary

Fueled by his restored faith in humanity and inspired by Superman’s selfless act, Bruce Wayne enlists the help of his new-found ally, Diana Prince, to face an even greater enemy.

Justice League Movie Stars

Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa

Justice League Movie Storyline

Fueled by his restored faith in humanity and inspired by Superman’s selfless act, Bruce Wayne enlists the help of his newfound ally, Diana Prince, to face an even greater enemy. Together, Batman and Wonder Woman work quickly to find and recruit a team of meta-humans to stand against this newly awakened threat. But despite the formation of this unprecedented league of heroes-Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash-it may already be too late to save the planet from an assault of catastrophic proportions. 

Justice League Movie Interesting Facts

  • Extensive reshoots in London and Los Angeles in mid-2017 added a cost of approximately $25 million to the film’s budget. Henry Cavill worked on the reshoots and Mission: Impossible – Fallout (2018) at the same time. He had to sport a mustache for his role in the latter project, however Paramount refused to let the actor shave it off for the time he played Superman again. This meant that Cavill’s facial hair had to be digitally removed in post-production.
  • When the film got shown in Iceland (which uses subtitles rather than dub for films with non-Icelandic languages), Jason Momoa’s pronunciation of his single line of Icelandic was deemed so unintelligible that it had to be subtitled into Icelandic (often resulting in a big laugh by the audience).
  • Holt McCallany, who plays the burglar in the first scene with Batman, said the scene was written and shot by Joss Whedon as comedic, but Warner Bros. preferred to open the film with a more serious tone, and the scene was re-edited. When McCallany returned home to New York, he found a bottle of his favorite champagne at his door and a note from Whedon that said, ‘To battles lost. Gratefully, Joss.’ McCallany appreciated Whedon’s gesture and had the letter framed.
  • Director Zack Snyder and his wife, producer Deborah Snyder, stepped down from finishing the film after the suicide of his daughter in March 2017. They tried to remain on the film as a way to work through the difficulty, but decided after two months to step away from the project to spend time with their family. Joss Whedon, who had signed on for Batgirl, took over as director, managing additional scenes that need to be included in the final cut. Warner Brothers have stated that Joss would direct and write in the same style as Zack so there won’t be any tonal shifts or obvious changes in style. However, Whedon controversially fired Snyder’s composer, Junkie XL, and replaced him with Danny Elfman.
  • Some of the gods seen defending Earth from invasion are Zeus, Ares and Artemis.
  • Barry Allen says he knows sign language, specifically gorilla sign language. One of the Flash’s most famous enemies is Grodd, an intelligent telepathic gorilla.
  • Diana is working on a statue of the Greek god Artemis. The Roman name for Artemis is Diana.
  • Wonder Woman first appears in the film standing atop a statue of a goddess. This is the Greek goddess Themis, or Justitia to the Romans, better known in modern society as Lady Justice.
  • Due to the running time backlash of past DC movies, Warner Bros demanded a film under 2 hours without credits. The final running time for Justice League is 119 minutes.
  • One of the Gotham scenes during the prologue has a building with “Janus” written on it. This refers to Janus Cosmetics, run by Batman’s enemy the crime boss Black Mask. Black Mask is set to appear in Birds of Prey.
  • In October 2007, George Miller had cast the Justice League completely, with D.J. Cotrona as Superman, Armie Hammer as Batman, model Megan Gale as Wonder Woman, rapper Common as Green Lantern/John Stewart, Adam Brody as the Flash/Barry Allen, Santiago Cabrera as Aquaman/Arthur Curry, Hugh Keays-Byrne as the Martian Manhunter (J’onn J’onzz), Tereasa Palmer as Talia al Ghul, and Jay Baruchel as Maxwell Lord. However, the film was shelved during production.
  • The Icelandic village was actually filmed on location in Djúpavík, Iceland.
  • In earlier drafts of the script, Victor Stone was supposed to have suffered his severe injuries as a result of Doomsday’s rampage through Metropolis in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016).
  • Zack Snyder and Ray Fisher both stated that Cyborg was going to be the heart of this film. However, when Joss Whedon was hired for reshoots, most of Cyborg’s scenes were cut.
  • Billy Crudup plays Barry Allen’s (The Flash) father Henry in this film. However, before appearing in the DC Universe, Crudup initially auditioned for and was a top contender for the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman in Batman Begins (2005) before Christian Bale was cast. Crudup also portrayed a DC Comics superhero (Dr. Manhattan) in the film “Watchmen.”
  • On May 20th 2020 after an extensive Twitter campaign, HBO Max announced they would release the Snyder Cut in 2021.
  • Danny Elfman took over from Junkie XL, who originally replaced Hans Zimmer. Zimmer had announced his retirement from the “superhero business” and left to work on Tomb Raider (2018).
  • Ciarán Hinds portrays Steppenwolf in performance-capture. Hinds was unfamiliar with using the technology and got advice from his friend Liam Neeson, who had earlier done performance-capture acting in A Monster Calls (2016).
  • This movie was initially going to be split into two parts: Justice League Part One and Justice League Part Two, with an alleged singular continuing story line. But by the time filming was under way, the idea of the film being in two parts seemed to have quietly gone away.
  • The superheroes are never actually referred to as “The Justice League” in the movie.
  • In one scene, Alfred (Jeremy Irons) says to Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck), “One misses the days when one’s biggest concerns were exploding wind-up penguins.” This is a reference to Batman Returns (1992), where Batman (Michael Keaton) goes up against Catwoman (Michelle Pfeiffer) and the Penguin (Danny DeVito) who had an army of penguins wearing exploding rockets with a plot to destroy Gotham City. The composer of Justice League, Danny Elfman, also composed the original Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992) musical scores, and he utilizes parts of them in this film.
  • Laurence Fishburne was asked to reprise his role as Perry White for a cameo, but scheduling conflicts with other projects made him unavailable on the day filming was supposed to take place.
  • Gal Gadot wore at least 14 versions of the Wonder Woman costume in the film. Each costume was made to suit the needs of the specific scene and performance.
  • Marc McClure (Officer Ben Sadowsky) previously played Jimmy Olsen in Superman (1978), Superman II (1980), Superman III (1983), Supergirl (1984) and Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987).
  • Gal Gadot’s work on “Justice League” began the day after she wrapped production on “Wonder Woman.”
  • When Cyborg says “Booyah” he’s saying his catchphrase from the cartoon series Teen Titans (2003)
  • Aquaman’s choice of whiskey was created and branded specifically by the art department.
  • Ben Affleck was considered to direct this film.
  • Zack Snyder stated that Justice League was always going to be totally different from Batman v Superman. During the time Warner Bros. invited journalists and bloggers to visit the set, Zack Snyder also stated it was going to have a shorter runtime too. This later turned out to be him lying for Warner Bros. as his cut of the film is not only slightly darker, but far longer with a runtime exceeding three and a half hours.
  • When the three DC main heroes (Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman) make their first public appearance in the film, a part of their theme music from their respective films (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), Batman (1989), and Superman (1978)) plays.
  • This film took one decade to come to fruition. A Justice League film entitled “Mortal” was scheduled to be released in 2007, but it got shelved.
  • The line-up in this film is based on the founding members from the New 52 origin story (with the exception of Green Lantern). During the Silver Age origin story, Martian Manhunter was one of the founding members. He was replaced with Cyborg (who was previously known as a founding member of the New Teen Titans) in the New 52 version.
  • According to Ezra Miller, their Flash is an old-fashioned, altruistic hero who has an open heart and practices nonviolence as much as possible.
  • At one point a newspaper cover story announces that certain beings have returned to their alien worlds. Two of them are David Bowie and Prince, both of whom died and who were considered eccentric icons of world culture.
  • The weapon that Aquaman acquires is not actually a trident (meaning “3-toothed”) as it may be commonly called. A true trident has only 3 points, as opposed to the 5-pointed “pitchfork” (as Batman jokingly calls it) seen in the film. In interviews, Jason Momoa calls it a “quindent” (“5-toothed”). It is also not meant to be the actual trident carried by the character in the various comic series, however it does have magical properties of its own (penetrative power, the ability to hold back advancing water, etc). A future story line may entail Aquaman acquiring the actual trident which had belonged to the sea god Poseidon and which gives the carrier the title of Protector of the Seas.
  • As an April Fool’s Day joke, production said Zack Snyder had left the project and that George Miller would be taken up the directing duties. The feedback was quite positive. However, when Joss Whedon replaced Snyder due to the death of Snyder’s daughter, feedback was sincerely sympathetic.
  • Henry Cavill trained for five months to achieve peak physical shape for the role of Superman.
  • This film was released on the 25th anniversary of The Death of Superman comic, which was released November 17, 1992; and the 16th anniversary of Justice League (2001) which premiered its first episode November 17, 2001.
  • This theatrical film premiered on the same day the animated series Justice League (2001) which premiered on Cartoon Network sixteen years earlier.
  • At the end of the film, Barry gets a job “in a crime lab”. In the comics, he was working as a police scientist for the Central City Police Department Scientific Detection Bureau, where he gets involved in the accident that gives him superpowers.
  • Bruce Wayne is said to have been operating as Batman for twenty years when the movie takes place. It matches with the 20th anniversary of Batman & Robin (1997).
  • Danny Elfman confirmed that he would be using the Batman theme music from Batman (1989) in the film, and would also use briefly John Williams’ Superman theme during “a dark, twisted moment” in the film. Gary Clark Jr. and The White Stripes have also been featured in the Justice League album.
  • This is the third live-action appearance of the Justice League after the failed TV pilot Justice League of America (1997) and Smallville (2001).
  • The scene in which Barry Allen/The Flash is grumbling that Bruce Wayne/Batman is sitting in his second favorite chair is an inside joke about “Sheldon’s Spot” from The Big Bang Theory (2007). Sheldon is a big fan of The Flash and Cisco Ramon, ally and friend of The Flash also wears t-shirts with Sheldon’s quotes in TV series The Flash (2014).
  • The Green Lantern in this scene is Yalan Gur, who defended Earth and Sector 2814 in the 10th century.
  • This was Zack Snyder’s first film shot in the 1.85:1 aspect ratio. This was chosen because Snyder had a great experience with filming the IMAX sections of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) and he “sort of fell in love with [the] giant, less rectangular aspect ratio” of 1.85:1 as opposed to the 2.39:1 aspect ratio used in his previous films.
  • Billy Crudup also starred in Watchmen (2009), based on the DC Comics graphic novel of the same name. Crudup portrays Dr. Manhattan, the most powerful being in existence. Watchmen was also directed by Zack Snyder and while the story took place in a parallel universe to the main DC universe, it appears the current DC comic book Rebirth line of comics combined the Watchmen universe with the current DC main universe.
  • Ezra Miller believes that The Flash is faster than Superman, “just by a little bit.”
  • In an interview, Jason Momoa stated that his intention was to make Aquaman a badass. When the team is discussing how to revive Superman, Aquaman is standing behind a work table. When no one is looking, he steals a screwdriver.
  • At one point, Warner Bros. considered making this film in performance-capture animation.
  • Areopagus is a hill located outside of Athens. It is the home of Wonder Woman’s enemy – and half-brother – the war god Ares.
  • Danny Elfman used a little of his own Batman (1989) score with some key Batman scenes.
  • Joe Morton, who plays Silas Stone in this film and the father/creator of Cyborg, also starred in Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991). In both movies, he uses futuristic technology that in turn lead to the creation of cyborgs with metal parts and red eyes: the Terminators themselves in Judgement Day, and Cyborg his son in Justice League.
  • This movie brings together Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, the Flash, and Cyborg. Mera shows up in the film, but is not on the team.
  • Each Mother Box was specifically designed to reflect the visual style of the individual race.
  • The Samoan fa’aumu (chee-hoo) or war cry can be heard from Aquaman while saving Batman from parademons. Actor Jason Momoa is Hawaiian, which island is apart of the Polynesian islands, that shares many similarities with the Samoan culture.
  • After saving a family, Flash waves goodbye and says “Dostoevsky!” Fyodor Dostoevsky was a Russian novelist, famous for novels including Crime and Punishment. The Flash most likely meant to say “do svidaniya,” which means goodbye or farewell.
  • Chris Terrio finished writing the screenplay as of July 2015.
  • Since the release of the film, there has been mystery surrounding the existence of a ‘Snyder Cut,’ a version which solely contains the original director’s 35mm-shot scenes and none of Joss Whedon’s re-shot material. An online campaign using the phrase “Release The Snyder Cut” has done numerous public initiatives to pressure Warner Bros. into releasing Snyder’s version. This movement gained further traction when Zack Snyder posted photos of concept art relating to Darkseid in the original cut, and confirmed the existence of a cut himself in March 2019. It is unclear how complete the Snyder Cut was at the time the director left the film. One industry professional who claims to have seen the cut reported that it was a complete story but still had placeholders for some digital sequences. Finally, in May of 2020, through the new HBO Max streaming service, Warner Bros. announced that Snyder’s vision of the film would finally be released the following year.
  • In January 2008, Warner Bros. announced the film was on indefinite hold, allowing options to lapse for the cast. The studio felt the script needed perfecting, which was impossible because of the 2007-2008 Writers Guild of America strike.
  • In September 2007, George Miller had signed on to direct, but by 2010, he finally left the project.
  • The ‘For Sale’ sign on the Kent Farm property uses a 785-area code. In real life, this phone number would be located in rural, central Kansas. Possibly near Topeka or Manhattan, KS.
  • Gal Gadot was pregnant during the last few months of filming. Jason Momoa was the first to guess but he kept the secret.
  • First film with Batman in a lead role since The Dark Knight (2008) to not have a reference to the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents. In fact, Batman is the only League member whose parents are not referenced in any way.
  • Aquaman’s suit reflects his Atlantean culture and heritage. Its ritualistic linework is a visual motif that is displayed throughout the Atlantean world.
  • In the comics, Mother Boxes are essentially alive. They can feel pain, sustain injury and be killed.
  • Ray Fisher and Ezra Miller were nicknamed Team Flyborg by their costars.
  • This was the shortest DCEU film until the release of Birds of Prey (2020), which is approximately 10 minutes shorter.
  • According to Ben Affleck, Alfred is “the one who can let the air out of Bruce Wayne’s balloon a little bit, tweak him, and sort of keep him grounded.”
  • Was sent to theaters under the name Harwood.
  • This is Danny Elfman’s twelfth time scoring a superhero film, after working on Tim Burton’s Batman films, Barry Sonnenfeld’s “Men in Black” films, Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man films, Hulk (2003), Wanted (2008), Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008) and Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015).
  • Danny Elfman also composed the theme tune for The Flash (1990).
  • Russian censors replaced Russian with Poland in the movie dub. This is not the first censored Batman movie, as Russian letters on a missile in Batman v Superman was digitally erased.
  • Mankind’s Mother Box is crafted of bronze, copper and brass, to reflect the designs of the ancient mankind.
  • Patrick Tatopoulos updated the Batmobile to resemble a tank. The filmmakers wanted it to feel like Batman is going to war.
  • According to Henry Cavill, Lois Lane is Superman’s human anchor. She helps him remember who and what he is.
  • Pre-production of this film started in January 2016.
  • Zack Snyder cites Seven Samurai (1954) as an influence on the film.
  • After Aquaman saves the fishing boat from the unexplained disaster, the boat has clearly been hulled at the keel and not lost to high seas. He arrives at the pub with some sort of glowing green granular slime on his hand, which is also splattered on the sailor. Aquaman wipes it off his hand with a confused look, which obviously leaves the audience wondering what it represents. This would appear to have been a storyline that might have been followed in a subsequent film but this was apparently dropped.
  • There were at least eight versions of the Batsuit used during the production, each depending on the needs of the scene and performance.
  • “Justice League” features more than 3,000 actors and extras.
  • South Korean singing group Blackpink’s music video “As If It’s Your Last” can be seen playing in the background behind Bruce Wayne in Barry Allen’s place in the USA & South Korean releases of the film.
  • The first official footage for this film was shown at San Diego Comic Con on July 23, 2016.
  • Actor Jason Momoa says Clint Eastwood’s “The Outlaw Josey Wales” inspired his rebellious Aquaman.
  • Ben Affleck thinks fellow actor J.K. Simmons is “just as strong as the rest of the Justice League. It’s like the super hero Commissioner Gordon.”
  • Zack Snyder’s original theatrical cut for the film (The Snyder Cut) reportedly was over 214 minutes. If it is released on home video, it would be Snyder’s fifth film with a director’s/expanded/unrated/extended cut (Sucker Punch, Dawn of the Dead, Watchmen, and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice).
  • Gal Gadot notes, “Diana does good because that’s the only thing that she cares about. She doesn’t care for the fame or the glory or for the credit.”
  • Henry Cavill’s Superman hairstyle got changed from the previous movies. In this movie Henry parts his hair on the left, which is supposedly perceived as masculine and assertive. In his previous movies both Kal-El, Clark Kent had right partitions which was quite opposite of the comic book version.
  • Back in 2007, Jason Reitman was the original choice to direct the film, but he turned it down, as he considered himself an independent filmmaker and preferred to stay out of big budget superhero films.
  • Wonder Woman’s bracelets were forged from the Aegis of Zeus.
  • Ezra Miller doesn’t think of Barry Allen as fast, but rather as a quantrum vibrator that plays within the reality of time and space.
  • Kryptonian script is interwoven throughout the detail of Superman’s suit, such as in the “S” and on the belt and cuff details.
  • Ben Affleck’s third time playing Batman/Bruce Wayne (following Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) and Suicide Squad (2016)).
  • Ezra Miller believes The Flash, like themself, is interested in the works of noted inventor and futurist Nikola Tesla.
  • Lana Wachowski and Lilly Wachowski were, at one point, considered to direct this film.
  • Steppenwolf is a general from the planet Apokolips and the commander of the Hunger Dogs. He is also the uncle of the world conqueror Darkseid.
  • Henry Cavill believes that his character, Superman, is the moral compass of the Justice League.
  • The Bat-Signal is a 1942-A General Electric Searchlight, the same make and model that was used in “Batman v Superman.”
  • The arrow that Hippolyta uses to warn Diana is Artemis’.
  • Wayne Manor was shot at an 18th century manor house in the county of Bedfordshire in the east of England.
  • Wonder Woman calls Superman “The Last Son of Krypton”, one of his most known nicknames (the most popular being The Man of Steel).
  • The Kent farm and Smallville were re-created at Bovingdon Airfield, a former Royal Air Force station.
  • When Batman first sends Alfred footage of the creature for analysis you can see aircrack-ng, a real world software for wireless analysis, running on his top right screen.
  • Actress Robin Wright makes a return appearance as Antiope to lead the Amazons against the invasion from Apokolips.
  • According to recent news reports, as well as various interviews, Zack Snyder’s original cut of the film ran well over 3.5 hours (around two hundred and ten minutes, the same running length as The Irishman or the Ultimate Cut of Watchmen, also directed by Zack Snyder) and only ten percent of the footage he shot was used in the final version of the film by Joss Whedon, which clocked in around two hours. That would have easily made the ‘Snyder Cut’ of Justice League the longest superhero film ever made, even longer than Avengers: Endgame.
  • David Bowie wrote a song named “The Supermen,” while Prince famously composed all of the songs for the 1989 blockbuster “Batman.”
  • Ben Affleck and J.K. Simmons previously appeared together in the films Extract (2009) and The Accountant (2016).
  • This is the 5th film in the DCEU. #1 Man of Steel (2013), #2 Dawn of Justice (2016), #3 Suicide Squad (2016), #4 Wonder Woman (2017). #6 Aquaman (2018).
  • Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, The Flash and Martian Manhunter are the original members of the Justice League.
  • The lasso is also called the Lasso of Hestia.
  • J.K. Simmons has played a major role in both the DCEU and the MEU. He is Police Commissioner James Gordon for DC, and newspaper editor J. Jonah Jameson in the Marvel EU.
  • Jason Momoa, Michael McElhatton, and Ciarán Hinds appeared in Game of Thrones (2011).
  • As in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), there are hints of a romantic attraction between Batman/Bruce Wayne and Wonder Woman/Diana Prince. Thus, Gal Gadot is arguably the first woman to reprise a role as Batman’s love interest on the big screen.
  • Ezra Miller was inspired by the Lakota practice of crow medicine and the indigenous Tibetan bone practitioners who are said to be able to run at extraordinary speeds.
  • Interactive lighting was used in combination with LED lights on Cyborg’s eye and chest.
  • The Penetralium is the vaulted fortress that the Amazons have used to keep guard over their Mother Box for millennia.
  • For advice on how to play The Flash, Ezra Miller turned to one of their favorite comic book writers, Grant Morrison.
  • The name “Superman” is spoken 13 times in the film, despite him having the least screen time of any of the League members. Batman and Aquaman are referred to as such two times apiece, while Cyborg is called “the Cyborg” once. Wonder Woman and The Flash are never referred to by their superhero names at all.
  • The Bat-Signal was created using the only large old light of its kind in England. The production team painted it gray to match Batman’s color scheme.
  • Zack Snyder wanted The Flash’s suit to be made of highly advanced, heat-resistant materials but still look like a prototype design.
  • The costume department can print microfine textures onto each costume using 3D-printing technology.
  • Kristofer Hivju was rumored to appear as an Ancient Atlantean King.
  • In the comics, Cyborg can also create Boom Tubes, allowing him to transport members of the League immediately to their desired destination.
  • When Batman appears in response to the Bat-signal one hears a few bars of Justice League composer Danny Elfman’s own original theme from Batman (1989). When Superman takes a swing at The Flash one hears a few bars of the theme from Superman (1978) and it happens again when he is fighting Steppenwolf. A little of the Batman theme can also be heard when Batman is attacking the dome.
  • Wayne Manor Lake was shot at Lake Biggleswade.
  • The members of the Trinity (Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman) have appeared in 2 movies each before Justice League. Apart from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) which had them together in a live action movie for the first time, Superman was in Man of Steel (2013), Wonder Woman in Wonder Woman (2017), and Batman in Suicide Squad (2016) (cameo).
  • “World Without Hope” is a reference to the “World Without a Superman” storyline that takes place after Superman’s death in the comics in 1993.
  • “Cyborg’s role is access for the Justice League,” says Ray Fisher. “He allots them information that they couldn’t possibly know on their own.”
  • The Batmobile is 20 feet long and 11 feet wide and weighs 8,500 lbs.
  • Joe Morton portrays Silas Stone, a character that shares one striking similarity with Miles Dyson, Morton’s character from Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991). In Terminator 2, Dyson is to blame for Judgement Day based on his influence in Terminator development. In Justice League (2017), Stone is responsible for recreating his son into a cybernetic organism. Both of Morton’s characters created pivotal androids, it just happened 26 years apart.
  • Despite being challenged by metahumans, aliens and gods, The Flash remains the fastest man alive.
  • Despite his imposing physicality, Batman is known as the brains of the JLA, which befits his shadowy identity as the Dark Knight detective.
  • Gadot sees Diana changing from an isolated figure to someone who understands the value of being out there and the effect it has on people.
  • Ciarán Hinds is the third actor from the Harry Potter franchise to join the DCEU, following David Thewlis (Ares) and Ezra Miller (Barry Allen/Flash). Gary Oldman was another actor to have starred in a DC, as Jim Gordon in the Dark Knight trilogy, but the movies were set in a different universe.
  • Actor J. K. Simmons’ favorite childhood superhero was Superman.
  • Actor Ciarán Hinds, who plays Steppenwolf, feels his character resembles “a Viking mixed with a Celt. You can tell this guy’s a marauder.”
  • The interior of the Flying Fox took up an entire soundstage and is three stories high. The exterior is entirely VFX.
  • The paintings of legendary comic book artist Alex Ross inspired the film’s theatrical movie poster.
  • The “DC4173” on the fisherman’s boat alludes to Aquaman’s first appearance, in “More Fun Comics” #73 (1941).
  • Costume designer Michael Wilkinson collaborated with “Wonder Woman” costume designer Lindy Hemming to develop a consistent visual language for the Amazons and their world.
  • Superman trusts Batman enough to give him a Kryptonite ring. With it, he has the power to subdue the Man of Steel when necessary.
  • Amy Adams plays Superman’s love interest in this movie. She has previously guest starred on “Smallville,” a show based on Clark Kent’s life as a farm boy from a small town leading up to how he becomes Superman. She also guest starred on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, arguably Joss Whedon’s most famous work.
  • Joe Morton who plays Silas Stone in this film also portrayed a scientist in several episodes of “Smallville”.
  • Steppenwolf references the Old Gods. In the comics, the Old Gods are said to have died so that the New Gods could live.
  • The Batmobile’s arsenal is based on real-life, state-of-the-art weapons.
  • Danny Elfman composed the iconic scores for Tim Burton’s “Batman” (1989) and “Batman Returns” (1992) as well as the theme for the 1990 TV series “The Flash.”
  • At one scene, Wonder Woman appears standing on the right arm of a Themis (the goddess of justice) statue. That’s the same statue V exploded in “V: for Vendetta”.
  • Production designer Patrick Tatopoulos used a stone theme for the Amazon architecture in an effort to distinguish it from the human world.
  • Metropolis, Central City and Gotham City each have their own unique graphic treatments for newspapers, vehicle plates, storefronts and other city details.
  • The JLA’s first live action incarnation was the 1979 TV special “Legends of the Superheroes” starring Adam West as Batman, Burt Ward as Robin, and Frank Gorshin as the Riddler.
  • In 2011, Will Beall wrote a script for a Justice League movie in which Darkseid is the villain, Batman and Wonder Woman have a child, and Barry Allen travels back in time to warn of Darkseid’s invasion and dies in his younger self’s arms. Coincidentally, Ben Affleck was considered to direct.
  • Schwartz changed the name from “Society” to “League,” as he felt “Society” sounded like a high school club.
  • The filmmakers used interactive lighting techniques when filming Wonder Woman’s lasso.
  • The composer of Justice League, Danny Elfman, also composed the original Batman (1989) & Batman Returns (1992) musical scores and he utilizes parts of them in this film. While Elfman was not involved in the earlier Superman films, he did incorporate bits of the theme from those movies as composed by John Williams.
  • Zack Snyder’s material was shot entirely on 35mm-celluloid whereas the re-shot material employed Codec via Arri Alexas.
  • The second time Ezra Miller and Billy Crudup have worked together. The first was The Stanford Prison Experiment (2015).
  • The mother box strikes a similar resemblance to the tesseract, the alien power source from the MCU movies
  • Superman’s funeral and the mourning of the nation was inspired by the “Funeral for a Friend” story line that followed the “Death of Superman” event.
  • Atlantis’ Mother Box reflects the underwater stronghold’s unique seashell texture and design.
  • Marc McClure, who plays an officer named Ben Sadowsky is not new to DC movies. He played Jimmy Olsen in the Superman movies of the 70’s and 80’s.
  • The Flying Fox is the largest vehicle in Batman’s mobile arsenal. It is a hybrid subsonic aircraft with the capability of a bomber and the maneuverability of a jet fighter.
  • In the comics, a Mother Box is an extremely powerful sentient, ancient Apokoliptian device that communicates with other Mother Boxes, as well as the beings intrinsically linked to her.
  • For Gal Gadot, Wonder Woman is the glue that keeps the JLA together.
  • With its tank-like abilities, the Knightcrawler can tackle almost any topography. It is one of Batman’s most advanced vehicles.
  • During his audition Doctor Who (2005) actor Sam Benjamin completely improvised a monologue about his character having a heartbreaking experience dating a woman from Metropolis. Although he was cast, his role did not feature in the theatrical cut.
  • The Parademons were designed to reflect a mixture of organic, technological and mechanical elements.
  • There are hundreds of screens in Barry Allen’s apartment. The old chair was intentionally placed beside the most high-tech computer in the room to emphasize Barry’s geeky side.
  • The Batmobile is powered by an unmatched hybrid of prototype military and civilian performance technologies. It’s been estimated to reach speeds of up to 205 mph.
  • In each of this series of films Superman’s costume changes. In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) it went from being a solid costume to a form of netting placed over a metalized plastic musculature. In Justice League, the netting is thinner, which makes the odd shapes of the musculature brighter and more artificial. Also, while his cape in previous films was of a dark crimson with a microfiber appearance, in this film it is more of a red color, which more closely resembles the look in the classic comic books.
  • Aquaman’s weapon is called the Trident of Poseidon, but this is not the weapon Aquaman weilds in the movie. As the Trident of Poseidon only has three points.
  • Ben Affleck and Ciarán Hinds appeared in The Sum of All Fears (2002).
  • The technology in Cyborg is directly connected to the Mother Box, allowing him to tap into the knowledge and energy of the planet Apokolips.
  • Patrick Tatopolous sketched the Mother Boxes early in the design phase. Their designs impacted the overall look, feel and tone of the environments that housed them.
  • The fifth film in the DC Extended Universe.
  • This is the third comic-book film saga for Ciarán Hinds, after Road to Perdition (2002) and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2011).
  • According to some news articles, an actor named Ray Porter was cast in Justice League and shot scenes as Darkseid, Steppenwolf’s nephew and who is essentially the Thanos of DC Comics. All of his footage was a part of the ‘Snyder Cut’, so it was all cut out by Joss Whedon’s streamlining of the film. The only references to Darkseid at all throughout the film are Bruce mentioning ‘something darker’ as well as Steppenwolf, when he is sending out the Parademons, whispering the traditional battle cry ‘For Darkseid!’ from the comics.
  • While the comic Flashes, both Barry and Wally, are definitively faster than comic Quicksilver, there is argumentation over cinematic versions. This movie presents evidence strongly in Flash’s favor. In X-Men Days Of Future Past, Quicksilver makes his loop around the kitchen in the Pentagon casually moving the trajectories of about a dozen .357 magnum bullets which would’ve been going about 1300fps. At the beginning of Justice League, Wonder Woman casually deflects an entire 30 round magazine of 5.56 which would’ve been going about 3200fps. So that’s nearly 3x the bullets going nearly 3x as fast yet after Superman was revived, his encounter with Flash made Wonder Woman look like she was standing still.
  • Lex Luthor’s notes contain details of the Mother Box/Change Engine that was discovered after WWI.
  • Themyscira’s Mother Box reflects the ancient side of Themyscira.
  • There were over 100 Amazonian costumes made for this sequence.
  • The New Gods include Darkseid, Steppenwolf and the horrors of the planet Apokolips as well as Highfather, Mister Miracle and the noble planet of New Genesis.
  • Michael McElhatton and Ciarán Hinds have both starred in Game of Thrones (2011) and films about the King Arthur legend: Ciaran Hinds in Excalibur (1981) and Michael McElhatton in King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017).
  • The Fourth DC Comics film production by Zack Snyder and the third film of his in the DC Extended Cinematic Universe. It’s also notable that all of Zack Snyder’s DC Superhero films have been projects that have were originally to be directed by other people or part of other universes.
  • Man of Steel was originally supposed to be the official sequel to Superman Returns with Brandon Routh returning as Clark Kent and reportedly was to be directed by the Wachowskis.
  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was originally to be the fifth Batman film and was to be directed by Wolfgang Petersen.
  • Watchmen was originally to be directed by at least four other directors over its twenty year gestation (Terry Gilliam, then Darren Aronofsky, then Paul Greengrass, then Michael Bay) before Zack Snyder took the reins.
  • Justice League was originally to be directed by George Miller and would have been made in 2007-08, but the Writer’s Strike happened and Miller went on to do Mad Max: Fury Road.
  • While Cyborg has been a core member of the Teen Titans over the years, he joins the Justice League in 2010, alongside fellow Titans Donna Troy, Batman (Dick Grayson) and Starfire.
  • Despite their many challenges over the years, Mera and Aquaman remain dedicated to each other and to Atlantis.
  • The comic book version of the Justice League of America is the brainchild of Julius Schwartz, one of the comics industry’s most influential editors and a key proponent of science fiction.
  • Bovingdon Airfield has been used as a location in films such as “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part One” (2010) and “Sherlock Holmes” (2009).
  • Originally the man who led Gotham’s task force to bring Batman to justice, Gordon has become one of the Dark Knight’s closest allies.
  • The Flying Fox was the first thing that production designer Patrick Tatopoulos created for the film.
  • Steppenwolf’s powerful weapon of choice is called the Electro-Axe.
  • Clark Kent’s middle name has been identified as both Joseph, after his co-creator Joe Shuster, and Jerome, after his other co-creator, Jerry Siegel.
  • An electric hybrid, the Knightcrawler is specifically designed to navigate through tight, dark and unpredictable terrains.
  • The Gotham City University football field was built and shot entirely on a soundstage. Unfortunately, the scene that featured the field hit the cutting room floor, along with 2 1/2 hours of Zack Snyder’s footage.
  • The colors of Superman’s suit are more saturated, and the blues are slightly bolder to reflect the character’s heroism.
  • Boom Tubes are extradimensional bridges tied to the power of Mother Boxes.They allow for temporal and interstellar travel, and are named for their distinctive sound.
  • Most of the videos seen on the monitors were created to play back in real time during the filming of the scene.
  • Joe Manganiello previously appeared in another superhero film, Spider-Man (2002), as a character named Flash. This film also featured J.K. Simmons.
  • Created by the visionary Jack Kirby, the New Gods were introduced in his epic “Fourth World” saga.
  • While Barry Allen’s cinematic debut was in “Batman v Superman,” he did have a fan-favorite 1990 TV series starring John Wesley Shipp as The Flash.
  • In the comics, Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman have both led the Justice League at various times.
  • Production designer Patrick Tatopoulos gave the GCPD rooftop a turn-of-the-century, realistic aesthetic with a series of enormous handmade gargoyle statues all around it.
  • Both Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon attended college with Michael Bay, but at different schools.
  • In the comics, Cyborg is introduced as a founding member of the New 52 Justice League, first published in 2011.
  • Billy Crudup, who plays Henry Allen, also played Dr. Manhattan in director Zack Snyder’s adaptation of “Watchmen” (2007).
  • Hanna-Barbera produced a long-running series of animated adventures, notably named “Super Friends,” that included most of the core JLA members.
  • In the comics, Dr. Stone’s lab is called the Red Room and is used for exploring alien and experimental technology.
  • Commissioner Gordon debuts alongside Batman in 1939’s “Detective Comics” #27.
  • Costume designer Michael Wilkinson worked with the visual effects team, Zack Snyder and Ray Fisher to create Cyborg’s final look.
  • The JLA’s origin is revealed in “Justice League of America” #9 (1962). They decide to remain a team and “uphold justice against whatever danger threatens it.”
  • Ciarán Hinds is the second Harry Potter actor who starred in a Worlds of DC film. David Thewlis, who played Professor Lupin in the Harry Potter films, was Ares in Wonder Woman (2017).
  • Occasionally, Aquaman wants to work alone and focus on his responsibility to the oceans and its inhabitants.
  • The Flash’s apartment is a direct contrast to Bruce Wayne’s Batcave.
  • The JLA’s first foray into mass media was in short segments in Filmation’s 1967 TV series “The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure.”
  • In the 2011 DC comics New 52 version, Darkseid’s threat of an invasion by Apokolips brings together the Justice League.
  • When Flash/Barry masquerades as an Air Force person to gain entry to the Kryptonian ship, his ID card scan shows the following names in the search: Jordan Cooper, Britta Leefla, Howard Canard, Marshall Rainey, Jeremy Harris, Sidney Mills, Michael Orconez, Silas Stone, Carmen Lopez, Ryan O’Reilly, Clarice Rodriguez, and Ryan Choi. He is identified as Wesley Rowe, Military Police.
  • One of the movie’s visual effects coordinators is named Marshall Rainey.
  • Diana Prince’s search record also shows parents Victor and Elinore Stone.
  • The three-story aircraft weighs 75,800 lbs.
  • In all of its incarnations, the JLA unites to battle foes too powerful for any individual hero to defeat, such as alien invaders or world conquerors.
  • Batman’s tactical suit is his most advanced yet, with an entire layer of protective armor.
  • Heralded as “The Event of the Century,” Superman’s marriage to Lois Lane takes place in “Superman: The Wedding Album” (1996).
  • The Flying Fox can reach speeds of nearly 1,000 mph with an attack altitude of up to 50,000 feet.
  • The Atlantean plasma gun design is nearly identical to that of its Mother Box.
  • Steppenwolf also appears in episodes of “Justice League” (2003), “Batman The Brave and the Bold” (2009) and “Justice League Action” (2016).
  • Cyborg is primarily computer-generated, but developing his look was a team effort.
  • Patrick Tatopoulos created an original brand, logo and style guide for Gotham City University that is seen in these flashback moments.
  • The interior walls of the Flying Fox are inspired by a 1930s steam engine that Patrick Tatopoulos saw in Detroit when he was working on “Batman v Superman.”
  • Batman has reluctantly led the Justice League of America (JLA) several times, most notably in the late-’80s run by Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis and Kevin Maguire.
  • When a resurrected Superman fights the Flash, a bit of John Williams’s Superman score can be heard.
  • At the end of the film Superman and The Flash have a race to decide who is faster. This is a direct reference to numerous races in the comics like Superman No. 199 and others where both of them have had occasional races to decide who is the fastest man alive. However in the comics, Superman restricts himself to running as opposed to flying, which is a much more strenuous form of locomotion for him and has allowed the much more practiced Flash (In this case, the Wally West version) to win at least once. However, a much later story had Flash (Barry Allen), racing to an emergency with Superman, commenting that those races were for charity and instantly pulls far ahead as he starts running seriously.
  • When the Justice League wins, Cyborg shouts his Teen Titans Go! catchphrase: He said it first in the original Teen Titans cartoon
  • After the credits, there is a scene where Lex Luthor is asked to turn around. When he does, it is not him. Deathstroke arrives at a yacht having been invited by Lex Luthor. Deathstroke tells Lex that he better not be wasting his time to which Lex replies “Shouldn’t we create a League of our own?” hinting at the creation of The Legion of Doom or Injustice League.
  • In the Kryptonian ship base, while checking Barry Allen’s credentials, the name Wesley Shipp comes up on the screen. John Wesley Shipp played the original Flash in the CBS series.
  • The Green Lantern who fought Steppenwolf thousands of years ago sports a cape. This is a tribute for Alan Scott, first Green Lantern in the comics (featured in 1940), and foreshadows Green Lantern Corps.
  • Lex Luthor’s appearance in the post credit scene with Slade Wilson/Deathstroke is inspired by the notorious image of the Lex Luthor mugshot; including a navy suit and blood red polka dot tie.
  • At the Kent farm, Clark is dressed in a red checked flannel shirt. This was his outfit from Smallville (2001).
  • An episode of Rick and Morty (2013) can be seen playing in the background behind Bruce Wayne in Barry Allen’s place. The scene shows Rick & Summer defeating the Devil, which mirrors the actions of the League in this film, as Steppenwolf is an allegory for Lucifer.
  • Marc McClure who played Jimmy Olsen in Superman (1978) has a cameo as the officer at the prison. However, a moment when Cyborg saves him from getting hit by a thrown car, was completely excised from the final film, despite appearing in the trailers. Cyborg says to that officer, “You should probably move.”
  • After Clark is exhumed from his coffin, he is dressed in his standard comic book attire: blue suit, white shirt, red necktie.
  • Henry Cavill started working out for this film on February 5, 2016 and announced it on social media by posting a shirtless picture of his physique, Stating he was setting that physique as a “minimum goal” for his third go-round with the character.
  • The filmmakers deliberately had the story leave out Superman for the most part: “It’s hard to have a Justice League without Superman. But his sacrifice is, in a weird sort of way, the why of the Justice League. So what do you do now with him? What does the team think? What does the world need? All that comes into play.”
  • This film has several similarities to The Avengers (2012). Most prominently being the villain (Loki/Steppenwolf) is an emissary character for a much more powerful foe (Thanos/Darkseid); the plot revolves around a cube-shaped McGuffin device with cosmic superpowers (The Tessaract/The Mother Boxes); and is a team-up movie revolving around the Earth’s mightiest superheroes (The Avengers/The Justice League). Also, both of the films were directed or co-directed by Joss Whedon.
  • Victor Stone became Cyborg after suffering near-fatal injuries in an explosion. In the comics Stone got his injuries from a lab accident by a creature from another dimension. The same incident caused also the death of his mother. In the comics, Silas Stone “rebuilds” Victor’s body with artificial limbs and organs, not an alien artifact.
  • According to the official entry on Wikipedia, the ‘Snyder Cut’ was 214 minutes long officially. In that runtime, there would have been dozens of additional scenes, more backstories, as well as mythos, worldbuilding elements, new characters, and many more teases for upcoming films. The primary characters who would have been fleshed out more were Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg, whereas there would have been appearances by Martian Manhunter (who would have been revealed to be also Harry Lennix’s character from Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Secretary of Defense Swanbeck), Iris West (portrayed by Kiersey Clemons), Elinor Stone (played by Karen Bryson), Atom/Ryan Choi (played by Ryan Zheng), Desaad, and Darkseid. Also, Lex Luthor, Vulko, Silas Stone, Mera, Lois Lane, and even Ares would have had extensive more screentime.
  • Although unmentioned in the movie, the Green Lantern who fought Steppenwolf millennia ago is revealed to be Yalan Gur. In the original comics Gur was protector of planet Earth and rest of the Sector 2814, who died after crashing into planet Earth like a meteor. Eventually, Alan Scott discovered Gur’s meteor, called Starheart, that turned him into the first Green Lantern of the comics (from 1940).
  • It was declared in an earlier interview that there would be no post credit teaser scenes as that was a “Marvel Pictures style”. Yet in this movie one appears after the credits, foreshadowing the Legion of Doom.
  • When The Flash and Cyborg are digging up Superman’s coffin you can see the tombstone next to his reads Kent, referencing that he was buried next to his father who died in Man of Steel (2013).
  • When Aquaman heads back to Atlantis at the end of the film, he swims past a humpback whale and her child. This is a reference to the Man of Steel scene in which two similar creatures swim past a floating superman, reminding him of the calming advice his mother gave him when he was a child.
  • The film cast includes three Oscar winners: Ben Affleck, Jeremy Irons, J.K. Simmons; and three Oscar nominees: Amy Adams, Jesse Eisenberg and Diane Lane.
  • The post credit scene featuring Lex Luthor and Deathstroke was filmed on Zack Snyder’s personal yacht.
  • Mid credit scene showing Superman and Flash getting ready to race on foot through to the Pacific area. This same type of race was featured in Smallville (2001). Flash won as to live up to his comic book tag line “Fastest Man Alive!”
  • The flag on Lex Luther’s boat is Dutch. During the popular Ed McGuinness artwork issues of the early 2000s, Luthor ran for office of U.S. President. His family were described as immigrants from Holland.
  • In the prison the guard presses a red phone on his smart phone, possibly a nod to the ‘Bat-phone’ in Batman: The Movie (1966) and Batman (1966)
  • When the Mother Box cracks, the tunnel of light that Steppenwolf comes through is called a Boom Tube in the comics. However, in the movie it is never referred to as such.
  • The comics versions of Superman and The Flash have raced many times throughout the years. Their first challenge is a charity race around the world in “Superman” #199 (1967).
  • In the comics, Barry Allen’s mother dies by the hands of his archenemy, Reverse-Flash, with his father wrongly accused of the murder.

Justice League Movie Mistakes

  • During Wonder Woman’s rescue of the hostages in London one of the terrorists, who is clearly British, says the bomb will destroy four city blocks. The term city block is not used at all in the UK.
  • The TV reporter identifies the Parthenon incorrectly as “the so-called Amazon shrine”.
  • When Barry tells Bruce “My special skills include… Viola”, he mispronounces “viola”: he says “VIE-oh-la” instead of “VEE-oh-la”.
  • After speaking with Gordon, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg “vanish” and the Flash is taken by surprise by this. The Flash would have easily seen this and departed at the same time they did.
  • Arthur tells Mera: “Your ‘queen’ left me on my father’s doorstep”. In Aquaman, Atlanna is forced to leave Arthur and Tom when Arthur is a toddler. She did not abandon him when he was a newborn, as he claims.
  • The janitor at S.T.A.R Labs is wearing an ID badge of someone else in his first scene, and then his own in his second scene.
  • It is claimed by Cyborg that the mother box came to life after Superman was killed in the events of Batman vs Superman, however in the video that Wonder Woman watches during BvS it can be seen as reacting and creating Cyborg.
  • After saving the fisherman, Arthur gets a glass of whiskey and notices green goo on his hand and glass. In the next shot, the goo is no longer on his hand nor the glass.
  • When the Russian family’s home is first shown, there is a small moped outside. In the next scene, the moped is now a large motorcycle.
  • As Bruce talks to Arthur at the village, Arthur’s tattoos go four rows of triangles on his pecs to three rows. Then, when Arthur jumps into the water, the bottom half of his tattoos are missing.
  • The police car Clark throws Batman into is as good as new by the time Lois arrives.
  • When Steppenwolf is unifying the Mother Boxes, the swarm of Parademons behind him disappear in the wide-out shot, then reappear when the camera cuts back to Steppenwolf.
  • Wonder Woman is reaching for her sword with her left hand as she plunges from the bridge, but when The Flash taps the sword to her, Wonder Woman is reaching for her sword with her right hand.
  • Wonder Woman’s hair changes from scene to scene, as does her attire, even within contiguous scenes when there has been no opportunity for costume or styling changes.
  • When Diana goes to meet Victor she pulls up in a convertible Mercedes with the top down. Once the camera angle changes the convertible top is up and remains up for the rest of the scene.
  • After the thug shoots Batman and then gets sprayed with water, the gun disappears from his hand between shots.
  • Clark uses his heat vision to attack Cyborg, but instead hits a police car, which catches fire. A few shots later, the same police car is behind Clark.
  • Aquaman wears the same coat during the gang’s discussion about Superman and the Mother Box he ditched in the village while headed into the water.
  • As water begins to fill the tunnel under Gotham Harbor, Wonder Woman doesn’t have her shield, but then the shield appears on her left arm as she yells at Batman “You get [Flash] out!”. The next time we see her, the shield is on her back, and her sword is in her right hand.
  • Gordon holds a book in his right hand as he walks with Allen. When Allen hands him the file in the very next shot, the book disappears.
  • As Bruce talks to Barry about joining the Justice League, Barry’s hairstyle changes.
  • When the team arrives to save Silas Stone and others, Wonder Woman’s shoes change from when she jumps off the “night crawler” to when she is seen fighting Steppenwolf.
  • Superman’s costume in this film uses a brighter red and a thinner outer netting of blue over an overly bright and artificial-looking metalized plastic musculature. This is the same look that is shown in the flashback. This shows a continuity issue as up until his death in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice he wore a darker costume.
  • Arthur wears a tank top when he saves the fisherman and returns to the sea, but he is shirtless when he swims to Atlantis.
  • The area code of the bank which has foreclosed on the Kent farm is “785”. “785” is the area code of the north-half of Kansas, which jibes with the tag on Jonathan Kent’s truck in Superman IV: The Quest for Peace. However, in Smallville: Lineage, Smallville’s zip code (67524) places the Kent farm in the “620” area code.
  • A powerful bomb that is about to destroy four “city blocks” from inside a bank, does not explode harmlessly just above the roof of that bank.
  • When the Flash/Barry Allen is going undercover into S.T.A.R. Labs as an Air Force MP, and Cyborg/Victor Stone hacks the computer to give him clearance, he puts his date of birth as 11/06/10. This would make him 7 years old. He wouldn’t quite meet the age requirement for the military if that were the case.
  • In the beginning of the film as the opening credits show, one store in the city has the sign reading “stationary”. The correct spelling is stationery.
  • A grave is typically six feet deep. Even allowing for the thickness of the coffin, Cyborg and The Flash should have had to dig much deeper before their shovels made contact with the lid.
  • When he meets Barry, Bruce describes Barry’s costume as being made of the same material used by the space shuttle during reentry. This does not correlate with the suit as shown. The material on the shuttle is made of feather-light ceramic that is easily damaged by impacts and it cannot work properly with a painted surface as is seen in the costume.
  • Another issue with the costume is that it is wildly irregular and in such a way that it would cause extreme wind resistance and catastrophic turbulence at lightning-fast speeds.
  • While the gang discusses Superman and the Mother Box, Aquaman swipes something off of the table, but we never learn what it is.
  • In the Tunnel fight scene, before Flash starts saving civilians, Flash states how he is afraid. This should have attracted the parademons since they can smell fear, but given multiple civilians much closer to parademons and much more afraid than him, it’s perfectly reasonable to assume that their fear was overwhelmingly stronger and completely masked Flash’s fear.
  • When the Flash goes undercover to sneak into S.T.A.R. labs, he is wearing an Air Force uniform with one stripe on his sleeve. He then hands his military I.D. card to the guard who then scans it. After scanning, the computer screen displays information indicating his pay grade is E7. An E7 in the Air Force would have six stripes on his sleeve, not one stripe. However Victor who is hacking the system to grant Barry access is still figuring out his powers and as the team are on a time limit it’s so he just picked a random rank that would allow Barry to enter a top secret base.
  • At the end of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice we see dirt rising up from Clark’s casket, indicating his return from the dead. In this movie that scene seems to be ignored, since Clark is clearly dead when they dig him up. Evidently, the dirt is not rising because Clark is coming back to life on his own. It could be some residual effect of his powers (kind of like a human corpse twitching) or something else entirely. In any case, this scene was clearly intended to be a teaser for the sequel and nothing more.
  • Near the beginning, when Wonder Woman uses the “Lasso of Hestia” to compel a man to tell the truth about who he and his compatriots are, he replies “we’re a small group of reactionary terrorists”. Terrorists usually think of themselves as freedom fighters, patriots, warriors of God etc., not terrorists. However, not every terrorist is a true believer, becoming a member of a terrorist group for other reasons (greed, revenge, confusion, coercion, etc.), and even true believers can feel the error of their ways deep down, not even admitting that to themselves until the Lasso compels them to.
  • When Batman is driving the batmobile one of the flying aliens rips the cannon off of the batmobile and starts to smash the batmobile with it. However later when Aquaman is standing on the batmobile the cannon is still attached. Actually the creature tore off one the smaller machine gun barrels to destroy the other one. The bigger cannon that Aquaman is standing next to fires much heavier ammunition and was never destroyed.
  • As Superman turns his head as he hears the cries of civilians in distress, there is a tiny yet noticeable scar on his right cheek. Superman could have been scarred during his time aboard the Kryptonian ship in Man of Steel (when he was said to be “as weak as a human”, or during any of those fights when he was struck by another Kryptonian.
  • Bruce tells Barry that NASA uses a “silica-based quartz sand fabric” on the space shuttle “to prevent it from burning up on re-entry”. LI-900, placed on the real-world shuttle’s “belly”, is made of 99.9% pure silica glass fibers. Since the conversation is in the cinematic universe, the shuttle he’s talking about could be built that way.
  • The doodles on the face of the man who harasses Barry at the prison sign-in appear to have been drawn with a magic marker, but who knows how the pen would work or its marks would look when Barry uses it to draw the doodles at supersonic speeds?
  • The telephone number of the bank which has foreclosed on the Kent farm is (785) 045-REPO. American telephone prefixes do not begin with a zero. This is meant to indicate a fictional phone number, similar to the “555” phone numbers commonly seen in movies and TV shows.
  • Aquaman tells The Flash: “You say a word about this, you’ll meet every piranha I know.” As Piranhas live in the Amazon basin and not in the ocean, Aquaman would not know a piranha if he met one. However Aquamman knows this and was messing with Barry. He knows Barry likes to talk a lot unlike the others this was a scare tactic to make sure he stays quiet.
  • Steppenwolf rips off Cyborg’s leg during their battle, yet moments later he is standing whole. Between Superman beginning to fight Steppenwolf, and flying off to rescue civilians, Batman is seen helping Cyborg re-attach the leg.
  • The myscira doesn’t have any timber, yet two guards smash two huge wood pillars to close the door to the chamber where The Amazons keep the Mother Box. But since the island also lacks the ore deposits, mines, and refineries to create any of the metal artifacts shown, the timbers were undoubtedly transported there, along with everything else.
  • Bruce says to Diana: “You shut yourself down for a century”, meaning from 1917-2017. Diana tells Bruce in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice that she “walked away” from Mankind a 100 years ago, meaning from 1916-2016. Wonder Woman is set in 1918. In Wonder Woman’s original origin story, Diana surrendered her heritage and her immortality in order to take Steve Trevor back to Man’s World. But this assumes the DCU is following the original origin story. There have been several iterations of these characters, each with its own continuity. One should not expect this movie to be consistent with earlier comics.
  • The Parademons are shown to have super strength (as, for example, they ripped off parts of the Batmobile and they easily caused it severe damage), but they were attacking the Russian family’s house (which has a very poor structure) for a long period of time and they couldn’t even storm in.
  • The Amazons trying to prevent Steppenwolf from grabbing the Mother Box merely have his hands on him; they are not grasping his garments or pulling on him.
  • The CGI fails to remove completely the mustache Henry Cavill was growing for his next film (which he was not allowed to shave off) from Superman’s upper lip in several shots.
  • Nine thugs enter the bank, but Wonder Woman confronts just 5 of them; the other 4 disappear.
  • When Bruce meets Arthur for the first time in the fishing village, you can clearly see in the first shots that Arthur has greenish eyes with small pupils. However, when later in that scene Arthur takes of his sweater and walks into the water (and up until he dives backward into the sea), he suddenly has blue eyes with normal pupils (i.e. Jason Momoa’s real eyes).
  • In real life, Hippolyta’s cape would have been caught in the collapsing gate as she slides under it.
  • Flipped shot: When Cyborg tries to hack the Nightcrawler, the writings on the panels etc seem to be in reverse.
  • In the opening scene with the burglar on the rooftop, the burglar fires a shot from a pistol towards Batman, who is at that point moving behind a wooden rooftop water tank. The pistol fires without the burglar ever pulling the trigger, and when the bullet hits the wooden tanks, it creates sparks. A spark cannot be created in this way. Also, when the bullet hits the tank, a hole approximately two inches wide opens up, far larger than the diameter of a pistol bullet.
  • After The Flash pushes the family’s truck to safety, the father, in the driver’s seat, and the mother, in the passenger’s seat, face The Flash at an unnatural 180° angle. Not only that, their faces looks as though they have has been flattened against the truck’s rear window.
  • When the Amazonian Queen fires the flame-arrow her hand keeps moving back but the front of the arrow doesn’t move along, making it appear as it the arrow is stretching.
  • Arthur does not wield the Trident of Atlan. Without the Trident of Atlan, he is not Aquaman.
  • During Wonder Woman’s introduction, one can see the safety selector of the rifle used by the terrorist leader is set to semiautomatic (as seen in a close up), however, it is clearly firing fully automatic.
  • In the post-credits scene featuring Deathstroke, Lex Luthor’s final words do not match up with his lip movements.
  • When Aquaman is seated on the Batmobile, there is nothing under him. Later, when he starts speaking his mind, everybody notices the Lasso of Truth under him and he takes it out from there.
  • Aquaman is wearing his suit as he submerges Clark in the Genesis Chamber fluids, but as Cyborg sets up the Mother Box, Aquaman (now in the background) is not only not wearing his suit, he is shirtless.
  • The team arrives at the Kryptonian ship at night. It takes them minutes to revive Superman, yet when the force from being revived hurls Superman through the roof, revealing the sky, it is dawn outside.
  • Bruce has Victor and Barry exhume Clark without Mrs. Kent’s permission and the district court’s consent, then transports Clark from Kansas to Metropolis without a permit and in his wood casket instead of a metal-lined hermetically sealed container. Victor hacks the Department of Defense mainframe to pass Barry off as a member of the military so the team can enter the compound and use the Kryptonian scout ship, which is destroyed when Clark is revived. Having violated 4 state laws and 5 federal laws, the team would have been in a heap of trouble with the authorities in real life.
  • Cyborg says the Mother Box needs to be “jump-started” in order to produce enough energy to revive Clark. The Mother Box is self-sustaining, as seen in Dr. Stone’s lab in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but he’s not talking about re-charging it; he says “wake the mother box”, which would simply mean “re-activate it”.
  • After Superman’s resurrection, the Mother Box is thrown out from the Kryptonian ship and it lands on a car. A few moments later, a Boom Tube appears above the Kryptonian ship and Wonder Woman says “Steppewolf has the Mother Box”. The Mother Box was never on top of the Kryptonian ship, but the car it landed on is behind the ship, from Diana’s perspective.
  • When Lois and Clark return to the farmhouse, he ends up wearing his old clothes. Martha had already moved out and taken everything long before this.
  • Clark’s resurrection disintegrates all of his clothes, except his pants. He should be naked. What’s more, he is dry when he ought to be wet, having been submerged in the Genesis Chamber fluids.

FAQ on Justice League Movie

Why doesn’t Superman beat up Steppenwolf in 1 second flat and be done with it all? Surely he’s no match for Supes. Just seems like a huge plot hole

In the comics, Steppenwolf is actually physically on a par with Superman and they have gone toe to toe several times. So no, it’s not a “1 second flat” fight.

Who are the members of the League?

The members presented in the film are; Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman and The Flash. Superman joins the team in the final act. Members of the Green Lantern Corps. are seen in a flashback, so it’s likely The Green Lantern will appear in an upcoming film.

Who are the villains?

The primary antagonist is Steppenwolf, who is in command of legions of Parademons.

What is the ‘Snyder Cut’?

Zack Snyder, as the credits of the film show, is the primary director of Justice League. However, following the tragic suicide of his daughter, he excused himself from directorial duties in order to deal with such an unspeakable tragedy. To finish the film in time for theatrical release, Joss Whedon (Director of The Avengers and The Avengers: Age of Ultron for DC Comics’ rival company, Marvel Comics) was brought in to finish the shoot.
However, according to various sources, including Zack Snyder himself, Whedon essentially cut over 2 and a half hours from the theatrical cut of Justice League before reshooting the majority of the film and reducing/streamlining the runtime down to around 2 hours with credits. Whedon also notably fired Zack Snyder’s composer, Tom Holkenberg a.k.a. Junkie XL, and brought in Danny Elfman, who he worked with in Age of Ultron.
Now, depending on who you ask, the ‘Snyder Cut’ is Zack Snyder’s original over 3.5-hour long theatrical cut of Justice League. It would have provided more storyline regarding Cyborg/Victor Stone and would have featured Darkseid as well as Superman/Clark Kent’s black and silver Superman suit from The Death and Return of Superman comic books. Superman would possibly work for Darkseid, either due to amnesia or being infected by the Anti-Life equation (or a combination thereof) as a villain. Also, reportedly, the Flash would have traveled back in time to do something and change some events. It also would have provided an explanation for some of the plot holes in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, mainly Bruce Wayne’s strange nightmares, especially the Knightmare sequence and the vision of the Flash.
Also, depending on who you ask, the ‘Snyder Cut’ does or does not exist compeletely. According to one article, it does exist, but can’t be released due to the immense amount of CGI needed to properly render it. According to the majority of the original cast and crew, including Zack Snyder, it does exist and it just needs a little fine-tuning here and there before it can be released.
The ‘Snyder Cut’ has generated immense interest since the theatrical cut of Justice League came out in 2017 and received generally lukewarm reviews from both critics and fans alike. More than likely because of the success of the releases of the extended cut of Richard Donner’s Superman movies (Superman and Superman II) as well as two previous DC cinematic universe films getting director’s cuts (Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad) and Zack Snyder being known for having extended cuts of his films (Dawn of the Dead, Watchmen, Sucker Punch, and Dawn of Justice), a lot of fans want there to be a bigger cut for Justice League.
Fortunately, the fans have gotten their triumphant wish with original director Zack Snyder revealing officially in 2020 that the ‘Snyder Cut’ not only exists and it just needs some small reshoots to be released. So far, two teaser trailers and one official trailer have been released during the DC Fandome 2020 internet event that have confirmed that the Snyder Cut will be released in full form as a four-part miniseries on the HBO Max streaming site (and hopefully, on Blu-Ray sometime later!).
The footage revealed in the trailer by Zack Snyder for the ‘Snyder Cut’ of Justice League confirms much of the rumors earlier stated regarding footage involving Darkseid, black-suit Superman, the Flash using the Speed Force to travel back in time, and more sequences set in the Knightmare.
It should also be noted that Zack Snyder intended to make a trilogy of Justice League films, and this film was just to be the first installment of the trilogy. Whether or not he will ever get a chance to film the second and third installments remains to be seen.

What other films have similar filming histories like Justice League?

Several films, at least. The most famous of which is Superman II. Originally, a lot of footage was shot by Richard Donner simultaneously during the production of the original Superman film with Christopher Reeve. Due to a fallout between Donner and the producers at the time, Donner was fired and much of his footage was reshot by Richard Lester.

Justice League Movie (2017) Interesting Facts, Mistakes
Justice League Movie (2017) Interesting Facts, Mistakes

Three other famous films (off the top of my head) with similar situations are Ridley Scott’s Kingdom of Heaven, Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four, and the original cut of Solo: A Star Wars Story by Phil Lord and Chris Miller. Mainly, the producers of these films had immense problems with the original cuts of the film, and had them either reshot or extensively edited down. Needless to say, each of these films were poorly received at the box office and not enjoyed by critics and fans.

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